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aRPeGe ♪ is a 4 players rhythm game mixed with RPG, in a pixel art dark fantasy universe.

« Music is Magic »

In aRPeGe, use music to defeat evil enemies. Each note played deal damages to the boss, each note failed damages your team !

Easy to learn, hard to master, how many try will you need ?

« Win together, lose together »

Share resources and compose your team in order to succeed. Cooperate, comunicate and strategize with your teammates !

« Face pure evil in a dark fantasy universe »

Evolve in a dark world full of evil creatures, where you are the last warriors of the Solfegion, trying to protect this world.

« RPG meets rhythm game »

Each character features his own track and stats. And each boss his own style of music.

« Awesome music »

Music was created for the game.

Features : 

  • Original composition
  • Funny yet intriguing lore
  • Up to 4 players
  • Hardcore and difficult game
  • Dark fantasy, pixel art graphics
  • Symbiosis between rhytm and rpg


Quentin Romand : Producer 

Thomas Delhaye : Creative Director

Julien Barreault : Level Designer

Timothee Bruneau : Game Designer 

Estelle Haguenin : Game Designer

Mathieu Way : Game Developer

Paul Thibault : Game Developer 

Jean Hardy : Game Developer

Romain Vuarchex : Lead Game Artist

Alexandre Framezelle : Audio Designer / Game Artist 


Build Itch.io.rar 43 MB

Install instructions

Download and open the .rar now to get access to following files: Build Itch.io

Extract the .exe and run it.



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Great game guys ! :D

Thanks dude ! ;)